Scheduling Update

Hi everyone!

Today we got word that Crowfall is currently looking at a mid-2017 date for ‘soft start’ versus our assumption of an early-2017 point in time.

And this is a good thing! If ACE feels this thing needs to be in the oven for a few more months, we’re behind that 100%.

Given this, and the need-to-be-in-alpha nature of Big World testing, we will be re-structuring our goals a bit and moving open recruitment out to 01JAN17.

Our goal is to start bringing in new people right about the time there is enough of the game done as to offer a group experience, as that will keep people entertained and offer team-building environments. But as we get our hands around the current phase of testing we’ve determined the Big World phase isn’t at that point just yet.

Persistence is working fine, and the world is a plenty big place, but it will be some time yet before beta folks can get into it. So, for our goals, Crowfall just isn’t /quite/ there yet for open recruitment.

We will keep you up to date on what we discover as we get into testing (I’m in alpha-1, so I get into everything right about the time the new code is released). But for now, kick back and enjoy the last two months of the year! Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away, and then Christmas and New Years!

Thanks, and I'll talk to you again as soon as we have the updated schedule ready to go!

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