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Introduction Thread

Hello! I honestly don't really know many of you. I wanted to start this thread up so I can start getting to know people and for future new members to introduce themselves. You're welcome to give as little or as much detail (but not too much) about yourself as you want. So I'll start this off! I usually go by Tosimew or Tosi. I'm here because of my interest in Crowfall and I expect a lot of awesome things out of this community Imperious and Raeshlavik both have a great ideas and drive to make...Read More...
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While we've largely invested in TS3 as our battle communications platform, my internet limitations here abroad have me largely dependent on text clients. As such, I have tossed up a Discord server for members. There's a handful of us in there already, and as time progresses this is a good opportunity to get to know folks before we move forward with Crowfall. Some general forewords: Banter encouraged, just keep it civil; Leave politics and all that nasty stuff out; Please don't post anything...Read More...
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World O'Warcraft

It appears that several of us have found ourselves in WoW of late, and accordingly we've circled the wagons a bit and set up a small guild for Vigil within the game. This is nothing hardcore mind you; no three nights a week raiding schedules or anything like that... This is just something so that it's easy to get people together to run content and/or create running commentary whilst a world-boss wrecks us over and over again. :) With the "Legion" expansion, it's very easy to get back into...Read More...
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Games for team training

We're kicking around ideas for games that can be played as a group, that offer the opportunity to review and practice squad maneuvers and build team communications. There are a few criteria to be met though: As our bread and butter game doesn't release until 2017, we're not in a big recruiting phase right now and are still laying a lot of the ground-work. So any game should have solo-play viability as well as ~5-player teams just to get our money's worth. Monthly fees are generally frowned...Read More...
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