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Vigil Application Process

In case you've just sort of staggered across this web site and are looking around confused, let me offer up a few tidbits of info. Vigil is an online gaming guild currently gearing up for Crowfall 's release in early 2017. We are a very regimented and military-minded group, going as far as to have a rank structure and meritorious awards for our members. This rank structure and award system is separate from the games we play, and is intrinsic to the guild. Vigil has a rather intricate...Read More...


Membership Pathway

Too often does it seem a guild put a great deal of effort into recruiting someone, only to hand them a forum account and hearty slap on the back. In the Vigil, our goal is to ensure that every new induction to the organization is immediately immersed into the group's culture. Whether you're thinking of joining or have actually made the step to join, we seek to remove uncertainty from the process. Within 48 Hours of Submitting an Application A guild official will contact you through the forum...Read More...
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