Vigil Application Process

In case you've just sort of staggered across this web site and are looking around confused, let me offer up a few tidbits of info.

  • Vigil is an online gaming guild currently gearing up for Crowfall's release in early 2017.
  • We are a very regimented and military-minded group, going as far as to have a rank structure and meritorious awards for our members. This rank structure and award system is separate from the games we play, and is intrinsic to the guild.
  • Vigil has a rather intricate Role-Play (RP) back-story that we use in any game that will support it. This back-story centers on the trials and tribulations of the Selentine Empire.

If that sounds interesting, read on!

Given our focus on a cohesive presence in the games we play and our competitive nature, we need to know a few things about you, your play style, and what you would like to get out of your time with Vigil.

Step One:

You need to create an account here on (upper right) and fill out the three general questions in the account application:

  • Are you interested in joining Vigil?
  • A brief description of any prior PvP / Leadership experience
  • A brief description of what you are expecting of Vigil

To avoid spam issues, the forum will send you an email to the address you enter. Once you click on the link in the email to verify that you're a real person, your account will be activated.

Step Two:

Within 48 hours a guild official will contact you through the forum private message system to schedule a brief interview with you on TeamSpeak, OR provide you with a written explanation as to the status of your application.

Immediately following your interview, a decision will be provided to you on the spot.

If you are accepted, our Membership Pathway goes into effect and shows you what you can expect.


Given that Vigil is very active in PvP, and communications are often key to success with this, we do ask that all members have access to voice comms. Vigil maintains a large Teamspeak3 server which houses the various channels for our hierarchical structure. You will be required to install the TS3 client.

We get a lot of "Why don't you use (insert voip app here)?" : Comparatively, TS3 is still the more command and control oriented voip application in the space and allows for a very structured approach with no-nonsense voice comms. While Discord is the up and coming contender, we have found it tries too hard to do too many things... And being browser-based, people will often get killed because someone linked a youtube video of cats in the middle of a siege...

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